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We’ve had a great first year in business and would like to take the opportunity to thank you properly.

We’ll have live entertainment, a free pig roast and drink specials all day!

So please, stop out and say hi!  Even if it’s your first time here!  We’re sure it won’t be your last!

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We’ve been a little light on updates recently.  Do you want to know why?  We’ve been a little busy.


Check out the pictures below or just stop on out!

Tiki Bar - Grand Opening

[img src=]320The bottles are lined up!
[img src=]150Making final preparations
[img src=]150Making final preparations
[img src=]190The happy patrons, in the tiki bar!
[img src=]150Shot from the outside
[img src=]220Jennie and Pat enjoying their time in the tiki bar!
[img src=]110Bud Light Lime-Arita, if that's your thing.
[img src=]190Matt, Heather and Cinnamon
[img src=]240Michelle taking care of everyone on opening day!
[img src=]190Michelle taking care of everyone on opening day!
[img src=]150Looks pretty good from the outside!
[img src=]200Pat and Mike enjoying their hard work!
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The progress on the tiki bar is coming along nicely.  The latest picture shows how the new bar top looks.  I gotta say, it’s pretty sharp!

You can see the progress in photographic awesomeness on the front page.  Stop back often to see how progress is coming or just stop out and see it for yourself!

Cornhole?  Bag Toss?  Or just simply “Bags” are coming to Heart II.  We’ve got our own boards and they’re ready to use!

Bag Toss!

There’s never been a better time to stop out to Heart II!  So what are you waiting for?

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The Dads are getting a lot done.  Next step is getting the bar finished so that the area can be (for the most part) fully functional!

Check out the progress below!

We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who is making this project a reality!

Tiki Bar

[img src=]440Heather working on the tiki bar
[img src=]250Last Step before windows
[img src=]250Mike working hard
[img src=]240Tiki Bar Braintrust
[img src=]40Tiki Bar - Interior
[img src=]60Tiki Bar - Exterior
[img src=]60Tiki Bar - With Furniture!
[img src=]40Tiki Bar - New Bar Area
[img src=]50Tiki Bar - The first dinerss
The first couple to take advantage of the tiki bar area. The first of many, we're sure.
[img src=]110Tiki Bar - Relaxing before the start of Memorial Day Weekend
[img src=]70Tiki Bar - New bar top looking mighty nice! Not going to be long now!
[img src=]90
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The Broken Arrow Band takes to the stage once again at Heart II Bar-n-Grill in Arbor Vitae on Saturday, May 26 at 9pm!

Get here early to make sure you get a place to put your drinks!

Don’t forget, Italian beef sandwiches are on special all day long.

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